I am completely redoing my about page. You want to learn how the gangstalkers work? How they gaslight you by moving things from place to place? How they seem to come out of no where and disappear just as fast? In my case, they are “Christian” or “good” (holier than thou) people who have been told falsehoods, follow blindly, told half truths, not told that I am egged on over and over and THEN they can truthfully say that I acted a certain way. This will be a place where you can learn what NOT to do. What traps they might set to try to get you arrested, or make you spend money, or? This is where you can learn about how their tactics are smoke and mirrors, developed by the post Stazi Nazis who didn’t want to break arms any more or have people disappear in the night. This is where you can learn to be a survivor! To always feel like you are in control of something. THAT is the key!